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Emergency Drench Equipment

All eyewash and eye/face wash models and assemblies have an integral strainer for increased protection against harmful particulates in the water supply. Flip-top dust covers are standard on all eyewash and eye/face wash heads. Where ever possible, stainless steel components are used to increase durability and corrosion protection. Typically these components are wall brackets, eye and eye/face wash push levers, foot treadles, shower pull rods and some ball valve stems.

Many models will be shipped fully assembled. This reduces costly labor and the potential for faulty installation. Those models not fully assembled will be shipped with as much pre-assembly as possible.

Emergency Face & Eye Wash Stations

Emergency eye wash station models are available in wall, pedestal, deck, and recessed mounted emergency eyewash configurations. Stainless steel or ABS plastic bowls and high visibility powder coating are available.

Emergency eyewash stations are suitable for industrial, laboratory and institutional eye wash applications. Options include barrier free ADA compliant, all stainless steel, freeze resistant, clam shell dust cover, P-trap, stainless steel eyewash heads and instantaneous water heater.

Compliant with and certified ANSI Z358.1-2004.

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S0430-AS Emergency eye/face wash in plastic. facewash-floor-standing

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Emergency Safety Showers

Emergency safety showers allow you to pick between vertical, horizontal, recessed and pedestal mounted drench safety showers with either ABS plastic or stainless steel shower heads and high visibility powder coating.

Showers can be Installed in lab or industrial settings. Available options include freeze resistant, all stainless steel, extended pull rods, alarms, flow switches, scald protection valves, modesty curtains and thermostatic mixing valves.

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Emergency Drench Hoses

Drench hoses are available in wall and deck mounted versions. All drench hose models are available as an add-on option for eyewash stations or eye/face wash models. Choose from self closing or stay open, single or dual spray heads and straight, coiled or stainless steel hoses. Drench hoses are used in labs, industrial sites or as a feature on showers, eyewash or eye/face wash models.





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Stainless Steel Care

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